Types of content and what buyers want from content marketers
August 7, 2018

Why is content important for SEO?

TIn the past couple of years, the term “Content” has created a stir in the world of web. However, many fail to understand that the purpose of content for the web is very different from the purpose of content for print and other forms of media. Good web content or web copy has more benefits than just impressing the visitors, keeping the visitors engaged or converting these visitors into leads or customers. YES, you read it right. The best content can give you more than what was just mentioned. Good content is VERY helpful for SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. And we’re not saying this just because we want to; here’s what digital marketing ninja, social media wizard and ace SEO expert, Mr. Swaroop Mandlik has to say about how content is the best organic way to boost your SEO and gain more business.

In conversation with Swaroop Mandlik -
1. What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's natural/organic or earned/unpaid results.
Let me explain it with this simple example- When someone types “How to make spaghetti pasta at home” in the search tab on Google, the uppermost results are those which are highly optimized in the search engine.

2. What are the most important factors that affect SEO?

If you Google this question, the topmost answer in most blogs speaking of SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, content strategy and content writing will show you the answer- CONTENT.
So, apart from various other technical specifications like backlinks, user-friendliness, etc., CONTENT is the most important factor affecting SEO.

3. What are the easiest ways to boost SEO?

SEO boosting has various approaches. The one that is sure to bring organic and significant results is the content on a website. Simple and straightforward.

4. Is content really as important as some people claim it to be? What effect does content have on the brand’s image?

I have observed that people tend to underestimate the power of good content. Quality content is the key to build, maintain and expand your clientele and fan following. Content published on the internet influences day to day lifestyle habits and behaviour of consumers. Its high time people understand that when even Google agrees upon the fact that “Content is King”, we all take content seriously too.

5. What kind of businesses need good content?

ALL kinds of businesses need good content for SEO. Period.

6. How does content help in boosting SEO?

Good content attracts traffic. Traffic that is interested in your business and forms your potential customer base. A significant amount of traffic on your website contributes greatly to SEO. Hence, content forms the base of your digital image.

7. Does web content writing or copywriting require a specific set of skills and technical knowledge?

Yes. Writing for the web is exactly opposite to writing for print media. Web writing requires skills as well as knowledge. Skills include excellent research skills, the ability to scan, segregate and filter relevant and irrelevant information. Knowledge for web writing goes beyond the knowledge of just the topic. One needs to have knowledge in terms of SEO i.e. how to write blogs/articles that are good for SEO, create content that is good for the digital image and so on. Besides, a web copywriter must have good proofreading skills and the ability to complete the content creation process within a desired time frame.

8. Can a business create its content in-house? What are the pros and cons?

Yes, a business can create its content in-house. A lot of businesses do that too. However, it has its own pros and cons. The advantages of it are- The turnaround time involved in interacting with the content agency to which the content is outsourced is saved. The communication is quick. The disadvantages of creating content in- house are- The designated person may be good at the subject but may not necessarily possess the versatility in juggling with information, creative writing and SEO writing. Result- The information may be excellent, but if its not compiled in a format that fuels SEO, it is of no use.

9. Is it important to outsource the content writing/creating task or hiring a professional content writing agency? What are the pros and cons?

Yes. If you wish to see remarkable results in terms of traffic on your website, it is always advisable to reach out to professionals who can do some concrete work on your web content. A professional content writing/copywriting agency is always a good choice because they combine information and execution to bring about noteworthy outputs. A professional agency would always know the ongoing trends, various strategies for content marketing and creating search engine optimized content. They will put their skill to use in order to bring you business. What’s a bigger advantage than this!

10. What kind of content strategies and content marketing plans would you suggest to businesses trying to stand out on the internet?

Every business is unique. A content strategy that works like a hit for one business may be an utter waste in case of another. This is where a content marketing agency steps in. From studying your business in depth to planning out the best content related approaches, all fall under the umbrella concepts of content strategy and content marketing. Long story short- A content strategy, content marketing, content writing and content management agency is the best choice in order to make your online visibility better and gain more business through the internet.

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