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July 1, 2018
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August 7, 2018

8 tips to write and create good web content

Mistakes to avoid and tips to follow

A good business must have a better website and the content on the website must be nothing less than the best. However, there are some common mistakes that most copywriters and content strategists commit. Nothing to fret about though. These errors are common content blunders and the tips for writing and creating good web content are both- easy to understand and simple to implement.

1. Mistake -
Writing extra long paragraphs

Nobody wants to read essays that narrate irrelevant stories and propagate knowledge that isn’t asked for. Web content is NEVER read. It is only glanced at or skimmed through. The real purpose of web content is to introduce people to your business and not to educate them about the industry.


Keep the purpose of your content and copy clear and plan a web content strategy accordingly. Keep the length of one paragraph within 4 to 7 sentences only. Don’t beat around the bush to tell stories. Get to the moral and keep it crisp. Keep the word count in a sentence from 12 to 15 words. Short sentences are easy to grasp information from, even when just glanced at. Speak less, impact more.

2. Mistake -
Inconvenient Website Navigation

When web users type something on search engines, the results may lead them to ANY page on your website. To make sure these users don’t feel lost from what they’re looking for, easy navigation must be vital characteristic of your web content.


An essential part of your content strategy should be the plan to insert backlinks/hyperlinks wherever required and relevant. Your web content must be an easy guide to your business details and services, irrespective of where users land on your website while surfing.

3. Mistake -
Writing what you want to write and not what people want to hear.

Simple reality check- People search on the internet for things that THEY are looking for, not for YOUR business. Most websites have content that constantly focuses on what they want to preach. This one way approach doesn’t work on the internet. This is one of the most common blunders that leads to disinterest of the visitor.


Let your content be an answer to people’s questions and searches. Don’t just speak of how great your business is (No matter how true it is). Instead, speak of how your business can help them through its products/services. Keep the buyers’ persona in mind and stay on track with your content. You can help yourself by showing that you can help.

4. Mistake -
Using fancy words

Good vocabulary and language usage skills are one of the most important traits that a copywriter must posses. However, excess usage of fancy terms in web content is not recommended. Most people can’t get the meanings of technical or ultra-fancy words. This takes away their engagement and they may end up looking for similar websites with content that is simpler to understand.


Use familiar words. For instance, while trying to write about something that is superlative in nature, instead of using words line- magnificent, gigantic or unmatched, use words like- most beautiful, biggest or best. These terms are simpler to grasp and are those that are usually typed in the search tab. The simpler, the better.

5. Mistake -
Focusing on words only

Your website is not a high school textbook and content doesn’t mean just written content in words. If the content on your website is restricted to just words, words and more words, the only certain result is that the user will leave your website and search for better options. If your content can’t entertain, it can’t engage.


Make your website more interactive than just informative. Add images wherever necessary. A couple of clip arts in motion or GIFs add more interesting features too. Informative links and tutorial videos do wonders and add great value to your web content. Engagement of the visitor is everything. Hence, the content must be driven in such a manner that it keeps the viewer glued and makes him want to know more.

6. Mistake -
Not proofreading the content

Proofreading is very essential when it comes to web content. Content is a result of research, skills, expertise and effort. However, even the best artists’ first focus is rough work before the masterpiece. It is a similar case in content too. Content must go through a couple of filter tests before it is considered to be capable of being on your website.


Check for grammatical errors and spelling blunders. Make sure the statistical data and facts stated by you are authentic and from reliable sources. Lastly, a plagiarism check is extremely crucial to ensure that your content is unique and does not invade the copyright and privacy policies of other businesses (because no rational person would want to fall in trouble). There are a number of tools to proofread content that are available on the internet that facilitate the process of getting your content filtered and ready to go live.

7. Mistake -
Addressing the users as strangers

This one is something most copywriters are prone to, unknowingly. They write sentences like “XYZ company does the following for its customers…” However, this does not adhere with the norms of modern and ROI instigating web content. Passive language is a BIG no. The idea is to make the users feel wanted and convey that your business is sure to fulfil their needs in a manner that is subtle yet effective. Here’s how you do it


Address yourself as ‘Us’ or ‘We’ and talk to your users. Make your language conversational by addressing to your users directly as ‘You’. The simple act of conveying that “WE can do this for YOU” in a direct and a straightforward manner reflects your confidence and ability to do your job in the best way, thereby assuring the customer. Speak in a direct, active and affirmative manner.

8. Mistake -
Ignoring the need for a professional web copywriter and content strategist

There are a number of benefits of having a content strategy that make a significant difference in building the image of a brand. However, many business owners still fail to understand the importance and benefits of outsourcing content writing to professional copywriting services. Writing web content requires a set of skills, knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO), the ability to research and blend essential keywords in the content and a thought process that is out of the box. Overlooking these needs leads to terrible content that is sure to bring no desired results and lead to a stagnant website.


Understand that in order to build a website that brings great results, high ROI, increased clientele and customers and expanding profit, CONTENT IS KING. Don’t forget to take another step ahead by investing in a good content strategy to get desired and better results from your business website. Get in touch with us to correct this mistake and sit back as you watch your website flourishing.

Good content and great results, only at Content Platter.

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