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Our words are our ingredients. We use them wisely in the appropriate proportions and through the right method to serve the best content that suits the taste buds of your business and nourishes its growth.

Is your content helping your business grow?

At Content Platter, we offer a plethora of content-related services to create content that generates profits by transforming visitors into customers.


Our services

Website Content

Your website needs content that is technically flawless, SEO driven and keeps users engrossed to turn visitors into customers. Long story short, we'll cater to these needs.

Corporate Content

At Content Platter, corporate and boring don't go hand in hand. Clutter-free content for corporate communications.

Proofreading solutions

We love reading as much as we love writing. And because we can't stand errors, we'll eliminate them from your content too.

Not just words

Words speak, pictures scream. We take content beyond words and organize it into infographics and more for better expression.


A few words can make or break a brand. We're here to build your brand with our bricks of quality content.

Brand content

From expressive blogs to educational articles, all content that falls within this category and beyond is taken care of by us.

Documented Content

Upgrading conventional content to make it interesting is our hobby. We do it through visual representations via storyboarding and eloquent presentations aka lesson plans.

Catalogue Content

We combine our content with your catalogue and manage it effectively to make every product look better in all aspects. After all, what is seen gets sold.

Content Consult

Buy only what you need, not what we wish to sell. Exactly why we abide by elaborate communication and honest consultation.

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About Us

About our co-founder

I am Tanvi Gautam Chordia, co-founder of Content Platter and a writing enthusiast. Writing influenced my life initially as a part of my academics, then escalated to be my mode of expression and is now something that I've gladly chosen as my profession.

About Content Platter

At Content Platter, we're a team of avid content creators (or 'content chefs'- as we like to be called) who constantly focus on just one thing- Content.
Our goal is to drive your marketing journey towards success and lead to progress in your business with the #1 element of marketing in modern times;
Once again- Content.
We create content strategies through planning, development and management for effective content marketing to create, publish and distribute content that is exclusively yours.
And yes, we're picky about our content as much as most people are picky about their food. So the content that we serve is SEO nourished, garnished with essential linguistic elements and other creative ingredients sprinkled on top to prepare the perfect Content Platter.
The goal is to change the way your business works and nourish its growth, through content.

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