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July 10, 2018
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September 5, 2018

Types of content and what buyers want from content marketers

The Digital Revolution has changed the way businesses work. The ways in which sellers sell and buyers buy have undergone remarkable transformations in all arenas. In this entire rapid process of internet taking over the world and its functions, content plays an enormous role. Content writing in the modern era is not restricted to just words, opinions, expressions or news. It is an amalgamation of these aspects and beyond. Content strategy, content marketing, effective content management and quality content writing have become a crucial prerequisite for any business that aims towards growing online. That is why, content strategy and its benefits cannot be overlooked while entering the digital world. However, ANY content is not GOOD content. The purpose of every copywriting project differs depending upon the businesses, companies, clients and buyer personas. In addition to this, the preference of buyers who read content that is published online is very important and must be taken into consideration.
We at Content Platter have broadly classified content into five major categories. Furthermore, we have also covered the buyers’ preferences in these types of content. Go on and get to know what buyers want from your content!

Prescriptive Content

Prescriptive content is content that prescribes or directs the reader or viewer in a simple manner. The best examples of this are listicles. Prescriptive content is the type of content that is preferred by the maximum number of buyers. 62 out of 100 readers prefer this type of content because it is

  • Easy to absorb

  • Simple to understand

  • Doesn’t require a high attention span

  • Can be easily skimmed through

Foundational Content

Foundational content is content that is generated from a deeper study of the topic and the fundamental aspects associated with it. For instance, if a journalist was to write about Demonetization, a foundational study of the Indian economy would be a prerequisite. 51 out of 100 buyers prefer this type of content because it is

  • Informative

  • Based on concrete facts and research

  • Reliable

  • Useful for further research

Benchmarking Tools

Benchmark testing in simpler terms is a comparative study of two or more entities in order to compare their performances, abilities or usefulness. For instance, content that holds a comparative study of different smart phones in order to see which one meets the requirements of the buyer helps the reader which is one of the purposes of content on the web. 37 out of 100 buyers show preference for benchmarking tools type of content because it is

  • Helpful

  • Time saving for the seeker/researcher

  • Reliable

  • Facilitating in decision making

Predictive Content

The term “Predictive Content” is closely self explanatory. It is quite interesting how technology can mysteriously read our minds, isn’t it? Predictive content in sales involves showing or recommending the right content to the right viewer in the forms of brochures, videos, etc. Well, in accordance with smart usage of software applications made for the purpose of recognizing the activities of the user, predictive content gets delivered to the reader. This predictive content aligns with the context of the activities, work and interests of the user and hence is known by the name that it holds. 35 out of 100 buyers prefer this type of content. The advantages of this type of content are

  • Customized supply of content

  • Content that is of the viewer’s choice

  • Higher engagement

Conversational Content

Conversational content has lead most companies to good results. Researches have proven that conversational content, wherein the users are talked TO and not talked AT makes them feel more wanted and thus keeps them glued. 28 out of 100 buyers prefer this type of content because it

  • Makes the readers feel wanted

  • Keeps them glued

  • Reduces bounce rate

  • Increases engagement and interest

From a brief study of these types of content and user preferences, it can be inferred that every type of content has its own importance and plays a HUGE role in the visibility, progress and growth of a business. Do make sure your web content is GREAT and is a result of the tips to create good web content. And because we are avid content creators aka “Content Chefs”, get in touch with us and get all your content and copywriting requirements covered at Content Platter.

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